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SIBA academy -- Salzburg Summer Ballet Workshop

JULY 12 -- AUG.9, 2021

PLEASE NOTE -- We are sorry to announce that due to the Corona Pandemic, we will not be able to hold SIBA Salzburg Ballet Workshop this summer.

To compensate for the inconvenience and to help our students make their flights costs we have decided to lower the workshop fees, according to the distance you have to fly, thus help you arrive to SIBA Salzburg workshop in the summer of 2021.

To be able to receive this help you should register as soon as possible to SIBA 2021 with no obligation to pay your registration fees until January 2021 and we will let you know the discount you will be eligible for. For more information please contact Nili : nili@siba-academy.com

Those of you who already registered for SIBA 2020 -- we are sending you a personal email, with instructions.

Please take care of yourselves, stay home as much as possible and if you go out, use masks and gel, this may save your lives and lives of the people close to you.

* * *

Come and dance with us at SIBA Salzburg International ballet workshop. We offer you 4 magical weeks and 4 professional Gala shows! A lifetime experience you will never forget. Our top professional faculty is waiting for you! SIBA ballet workshop takes place in the beautiful city of Mozart birth place Salzburg Austria. We accept students ages 14-30 with a minimum of 5 years ballet training. Enjoy 4 Weeks of exciting ballet and modern dance program. The program is for advanced, pre-professionals & professional dancers. SIBA Ballet workshop ends with 4 magical Gala shows, 3 in Salzburg, and one in Munich.

SIBA-Academy is the ONLY ballet workshop that lets you experience what it means to be a professional dancer in a real company! If you plan your future as a ballet dancer, don’t hesitate, Register NOW !

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SIBA Salzburg International Ballet academy is proud to present an internationally acclaimed faculty. (see faculty page) Led by Prof. Peter Breuer, Artistic Director of the Salzburg Ballet Company

SIBA Academy ballet workshop welcomes dance students from all over the world, dancing, training, having fun, performing, and having a fun summer in the beautiful city of Salzburg.

SIBA students will have the opportunity to audition for the Salzburg Ballet.

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From the moment you arrive --
You dance, eat, breathe SIBA !  Meet other dancers from all over the world, learn other languages, dance methods, and make friends for life!

The theme for 2020 is “Ballet Russes” Classical ballet and Point, variations and repertoire, men technique and pairing, Modern dance, contemporary dance, choreography, Hip Hop, Pilates, make up, lighting, and more…

*Dancers coming for the first 2 or 3 weeks only, will not participate in the Gala shows. --But  We have a special program for you !!!

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SIBA Academy Artistic Director Prof. Peter Breuer’s dynamic teaching and choreography together with our international faculty , bring the students to a high level of training already from the first week of the workshop.

Exec. Director and Administrator: Nili Glazer.

siba-academy is a project of EDAS -- European Dance Art Salzburg org.

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