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The school Herz Jesu Gymnasium - SIBA


The Accommodations, dining room, and social areas

July 13 – Aug. 09, 2020
(You may arrive two days earlier and stay two days later)

at Herz Jesu Gymnasium/ BONDEKO Entrance
address: Schoenleitenstr. 1, 5020 Salzburg/Liefering

SIBA – at the beautiful large facility of the Herz Jesu boarding School. Both dormitory and studios are at the same location. The school is in the city of Salzburg, a five minutes walk from the Salzburg huge Euro Park Mall.

You will enjoy the comfort of the dormitory, weekly cleaning service, Linen and towels , large sitting areas, free WiFi. 3 dance studios, dining room, gym room, large gardens and sport facilities. The dormitories are newly renovated, divided into 4 or 3, in a room (no single rooms). Our younger students share larger rooms on the ground floor which accommodate up to 5 students in a room.  You will also enjoy the large outdoor parks surrounding the complex and the fact that you don’t need to travel from the dormitory to the studio saves you time which you can use for resting and enjoying nature.

SIBA Salzburg - Accommodations

 We have a ‘Full Meals’ program, prepared by the school’s chef Hr. Steiner and his staff, in the new amazing dining room. We can take care of special nutrition problems such as Gluten or Lactose intolerance Vegetarian, etc.. (Please notify on arrival at the office if you have special food needs)

SIBA Salzburg Ballet Workshop - the dining room

For your convenience, there are several restaurants in 5 min. walking distance from the school, a large shopping mall (Europark) ATM machines, supermarket, pharmacy, post office and other conveniences.

SIBA - The chef

Laundry: heavier laundry will be collected once a week (jeans, jackets, sports etc…!! please mark your names on your clothes!!) lighter laundry (underwear, ballet stuff etc.) should be done by hand, hanging racks available all over.  The only thing we would like to ask of you is to be respectful to our host and property which they kindly allow us to use for the duration of the workshop. There is absolutely no smoking or consuming alcohol in the school buildings. All the students are getting personal attention and support at all times.