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Rodika Foigelman

Rodika Foigelman – Pianist and ballet accompanist

Rodika Foigelman, Pianist and ballet accompanistBorn in Romania, resident of Israel.

EDUCATION in Romania
Graduate of the Music High School of Romania
M.A. Academy of Music, Romania
Graduate of Piano Master Class
Performed in many recitals and concerts (soloist) throughout Romania
Won first place in numerous piano competitions
Graduated with honors from the Yassi Music Academy Master Class

1975-77 – worked 2 years as an instruction in the Academy of Music, Romania.

In 1977, I began working as piano accompanist for dance classes in the Jerusalem Conservatory (Due to lack of positions, I did not receive employment as piano teacher at that time).
I loved and valued my work as a piano accompanist, and decided to and decided to make it my career, after mastering this profession. Through the years I have improved my skills in this field, as part of a conscious decision to maintain a level of professionalism and creativity. I feel that my work proves the attainment of these goals.

In 1988, I was invited to be the piano accompanist for a summer course in Edinburgh, Scotland. Working in this course opened up for me new horizons and improved my skills. I have also worked as an accompanist for a summer course in Vermont, USA.

In 1994 I received a scholarship from the Keren Sharet Foundation, which allowed me to participate in training courses at the School of Modern Dance, both in New York and in London.  In New York, at the Martha Graham School of Dance, I was the Piano accompanist in 2 dance courses, in which I was received with appreciation and respect. As a result of this work, the following summer I was invited once again to accompany courses. Unfortunately I was unable to fill this invitation and a following on to Vermont. In all the places I played, I specified that I belong to the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance.

Rodika Foigelman, Pianist and ballet accompanist at SIBA Salzburg Gala show

Throughout the 21 years of my work at the Jerusalem Academy, I have accompanied dance classes given by prominent and famous teachers such as Anna Sokolov, Martha Hill, Jane Dudley and others.

Over the years I have been invited to play for the Keren Sharet Foundation dance exams, and also for the Distinguished Dancer exam.

In both 1998 and 2001, I was invited to teach and play at the Dance Academy of Beijing, China. My work was received with much success and with the hope of a continuing relationship with this institution in the future.

Rodika Foigelman, Pianist and ballet accompanist

I was invited to teach a course in dance-accompaniment for pianists. In 1977 I gave a 10 class course in piano accompaniment for modern dance. This course, according to the participants, was very successful. For the last 3 years I have been giving courses in accompaniment and improvisation at the Jerusalem Academy.  Every year there is an increase in the number of participants in this course, and many graduates of the course have already found employment in this field.

I also participated in preparing the sound-track of the Israeli movie  “Golem Ba’Maagal”.