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SIBA Salzburg Photo Galleries

SIBA Salzburg Photo Galleries collection of previous SIBA workshops, featuring SIBA Salzburg International Ballet Workshop Gala Shows, solo dancers, events, classes, teachers, students, tours and fun class. We hope you will enjoy the collection.

We have professional photographers taking photos during the workshop and the Gala shows.

The photos are available for the students, parents and friends to download.

Photographers: Stefan Braune, Asher Smith, Kate Watson, Elizabeth Watson, Brigitte Haid, Leo Scherz, Wolfgang Mayer, Yosi Wunsch,  and diverse photos sent to us by SIBA guests. Photo collections from previous years can be found in our photo galleries online, Imgur  , and Google photos.

We photograph each year our gala shows and classes by a professional photographer. The full collection of the photos in high quality will be available for free each year for the dancers and families to download online at our website.