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SIBA 2019 Prices and Terms

Group prices available – Please contact us!

SIBA BALLET SALZBURGWe offer you 2 categories of prices, For a full program, 3, or 2 weeks, all prices incl. Registration fee (€300), Tuition, Room and board (3 meals a day), linen, towels, cleaning, WiFi, and more… Please note that dancers who come for just 2 or 3 weeks will not participate in the Gala shows – We have a special program for you when the others are at rehearsals!!

The second category is for the workshop with no room option. If you prefer not to stay at the dormitories, please note that the prices include the registration fee (€300), Tuition and lunch at our dining room as there is no time during the 1 hour lunch break to go anywhere else to eat. (see meals info in the rooms page).

€ 2,840
4 weeks incl. registration, room & board.
€ 2,290
3 weeks incl. registration fees, room & board. * First 3 or last weeks.
2 WEEKS-Master Class
€ 1,900
2 weeks incl. registration fees, room & board. * First 2 or Middle 2 weeks.

€ 2,200
4 weeks incl. registration fees and 3 meals.
3 WEEKS - no room
€ 1,800
3 weeks incl. registration fees, and meals. * First 3 or last weeks.
2 WEEKS - no room
€ 1,250
2 weeks incl. registration fees, and meals. * First 2 or Middle weeks.


* By sending the registration form you are obliged to pay the registration fee within 2 weeks of the registration date. (Registration fees are 50% refundable if cancelled before May 31 of the current year.

* SIBA retains the right to use any photos or video clips taken during the workshop for advertising purposes solely for future workshops (not for a 3rd party sale). If you do not agree to this term please inform us in advance before arriving to Salzburg.

* Students taking any medications must inform the office of their condition and bring an ample supply of their medication from their home.

* SIBA is not held responsible for any transport to and from the workshop carried out by other contractors. Students under 16 years old are required to notify the office and they will be personally picked up at Salzburg airport, or Salzburg main station, NOT from Munich airport.

* Any optional offers during the workshop, such as private classes, private sessions, physiotherapy and/or Kinesio taper will be charged according to the provider, and pay cash to the person in charge of the extras. (the teacher or the therapist)

* SIBA is not responsible for any valuables left in the rooms. For safe keeping of your passport/money/etc., please deposit those items in the office safe.

* Every dance student must have a medical insurance valid for Europe. Please make sure that your international medical insurance is specified also for Europe and Austria.

* SIBA will not refund any tuition/accommodation fees if a students leaves on his/her own will as a result of a pre-existing injury or medical/mental condition or a personal reason..