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How to Audition to SIBA

SIBA Auditioning day is the first day of the workshop. Mainly to find out what level you are and to which group you will be assigned.  Please note that if you are not comfortable with the group you are in – you can always talk to our teachers and try another group. We must find out what each one can do, and in which of the 3 groups they will be training.
However, our experienced team will assign you to a group that will be most beneficial for your personal needs, so trust them !!

How do we start SIBA Ballet Workshop?

Students arrive to SIBA Salzburg Ballet Workshop from all countries and all levels. Most likely you will not know your roommates and group mates. But it is not so important. In less then a week you will all be one family!  You can also change the group later on if you feel its needed.
So on the Audition day we start after lunch, and work until dinner at 18:00. The evenings are free. Saturday is our free day, as on Sunday in Salzburg everything is closed .

These are the kind of photos you should send:
Audition samples to SIBA Salzburg

Please NOTE that students under 16 who have not been performing yet can send just training photos but we must see full body head to toes !!!

Auditioning for SIBA summer workshop will be done only by E-mail:
nili@siba-academy.com (The money we are saving by not holding general audition in different cities is going to scholarship for talented students!)

Please  first fill in the registration form, so we know who you are, age, education, etc,  (no need to pay anything before we approve your audition!) and send us your auditioning material and we reply by e-mail to confirm. When you finished sending the registration form, please send also the following by email:

1.   Your CV/Resume (can be just a short description)

2.   3 dance photos, one head-shot.

3.  If you participated in any performances, and there is a video clip online, send us the link.