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What do SIBA students say about Salzburg International Ballet Workshops
students say about Salzburg International Ballet Workshops

The SIBA ballet workshop, which I took part, was such a great time for me. I have so many wonderful and beautiful memories from this time and I am so happy and thankful that I had the opportunity to take part at it. I really hope that I will have the possibility to take part at the SIBA ballet workshop again next year. I wish you all the best for SIBA this year and a great and wonderful time and hope to see you again very soon.

Lots of love
Yours Marie (DE) 2017

I just wanted to share with you my experience at Siba. The month I spent at the Siba summer workshop has not only changed me for the better as a dancer but as a person as well. The teachers and peers I had the pleasure meeting were some of the kindest people I’ve met. They made the experience the most enjoyable summer I’ve had in my entire life. It’s a program that I’d enjoy going to for many summer coming.
David. (UK) 2017

I just wanted to share with you my experience at Siba. The month I spent at the Siba summer workshop has not only changed me for the better as a dancer but as a person as well. The teachers and peers I had the pleasure meeting were some of the kindest people I’ve met. They made the experience the most enjoyable summer I’ve had in my entire life. It’s a program that I’d enjoy going to for many summer coming. William ( Canada) 2017

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your most generous consideration and help towards our numerous requests. Meg came home excitedly with her memories of fulfilling days she spent in Salzburg, and she was so happy she could receive much guidance from Mr. Breuer and many other teachers there. Meg could meet new friends, receive wonderful support from you during her stay, and get your warm reception towards her father, all of which I wholeheartedly wish I could thank you in person. It would be really nice If I could send my students again to your workshop next year. Wishing you and everyone at SIBA the very best and continued success in the future.
Many thanks,
Noriko (Japan) 2017

Dear Nili,
I can’t thank you enough for another beautiful season of SIBA Ballet Workshop.
It was a wonderful experience for my 15 years old daughter Gabby. It was her 2d year at SIBA. And it was so nice for her to meet new and old ballet friends. I am grateful for all the Ballet Teachers from all over the world. Not mentioning Salzburg, Austria itself. With history and wonderful views. Day trip to Alps and gorgeous lakes. Fantastic!!! Beautiful and clean facility you offer to your students.  Gabby loved every second of the 4 weeks program, 4 Gala shows. She also made life lasting relationships.  If any Ballet Intensive she would have to choose from, it will be SIBA again next year!
And I can’t think of a better or safer place for my daughter to be for the Summer Ballet Program.  With lots of love,
Malvina Dobkin.(USA) 2017

Hello Nili
Just picked up William a bit ago! OMG he had such a wonderful time!!! Thank you!!! Thanks again for the wonderful experience William had with all of you … he hasn’t stopped sharing …
Deb Hall (Canada) 2017

Dear Ms. Nili,
I wanted to thank you again for the amazing experience you allowed me to have in Salzburg! I learnt a lot and I am grateful for it! I wish you the best with your health and everything!
Sincerely, Tharindu (USA) 2017

Dear Madame Glazer,
The Board of Directors of the Vancliffen Arts Foundation would like to thank you personally for the generous hospitality shown to our Artistic Director, Prof. Amelia Wanderlingh.
We would further like to congratulate and applaud the many efforts in having created this fantastic International work shop and your dedication to the talented students and dancers that attend.
We sincerely hope that our collaboration will make next years’ event an even greater success for you and your entire staff. All our best wishes to you, Dr. Fernando Milelli General Manager Vancliffen Arts Foundation.

Although Arisa had a little bit trouble on the way to Salzburg (sorry for that but it was a very good lesson for her!), she’s finally got there and now she’s enjoying the class. I spoke to her on the phone last night and she told me that she was happy for the coming performance. So I could feel safe and secure for her now. In fact, she had been so much looking forward to SIBA workshop since the last year and I’m sure she enjoys every moment that she spends at your side. I hope everything’s going well. It’s a pity for me that I can’t see the performance this year but wish you a very big success for all of you. Please send my best regards to Peter, all the teachers, the accompanists and the staffs.
Best regards, Yumi Inagaki (Indonesia)

We have no words to thank you for a wonderful learning and social experience our daughter had at SIBA. She can’t wait for next year. I just wanted to thank you for a lovely evening Gala and also on a personal level, seeing her and her friends on the stage but also at the social level.
Was so exciting to see all the audience enjoys a stunning singer and violinist, and especially when the crowd stood on its feet with Hava Nagila. Even those who choose not to give up and stand were few.
I think your project is important and fills the heart of all its participants from all over the world and I wish there will be more such events of the education of the young generation to create and share a common love of each person. We as parents and grandmother. This year we won it and feel close and the energy that filled our hearts will last forever. Thank you for the opportunities she received from dance teachers. This greatly strengthened the feeling that she has chosen the right direction despite her difficulty and as Peter said to an audience that allows dancers to feel what this world of dance tour of coexistence and living together. so dear Nili, we wish you the strength and patience & health and to continue for years to come in this amazing project.
Oshrat (Israel)

Van Cliffen Foundation
Dear Nili, I want to thank you for having me back to Salzburg this year =)) This year was also more magic for me, and you was right…I have a new family at SIBA and was very hard to go away… and is still hard waking up and not see all of you… this year was so magic also for the Swan Lake…is a magical ballet…I feel it so much, I miss being a swan…I new I was going to miss being a swan already before the last week… and for this year was so important and so special working with Fabrice, he is really a special person, not only a great dancer and teacher, he was giving us something also when he was sitting to watch rehearsal, just being there. And also Lana, Miss Ildiko and Cristina are always so close to me, they always bring me up when I was down and not only at SIBA but thanks to facebook and e mail they are with me always, during the year…as You do.
And this year we have had the special guest Jordy!!! Is incredible how this little boy came in our life! he was just the Joy in person and also if he is a football player, how he always was saying, and not a dancer he understood us all the time, and he was with us always and helping us in everything. Give a big hug from me to him, I miss Jordy
Now I m preparing to go to St Poltien and start my new life there, I will go on the 27th of August, I feel is going to be very important for me.
I love you very much Nili, I always think about you. Thank you for everything. I will write to you when I’m in St Poeltien and what we will be doing =)) I send to you a big big kiss and you have a wonderful time before we see each other again. Much much Love and Light to You,
always your Noemi (Italy)

Dear Nili, Ladislaya had a wonderful week with SIBA. She learnt so much even in one week and is inspired to work harder. She enjoyed meeting so many dancer friends again and being part of a company.
I will spread the word of SIBA in London and look forward to next year when I hope to be able to send Ladislaya’s sister, Marie Stella too. With best wishes,
Sophia (UK)

Such a shame its come to an end for another year!! As usual everyone is upset when leaving as they have had an amazing time and learnt so much,,
Thanks to you all and hopefully Paige and Kayleigh will see you next time xx
Jayne (UK)

To all of the wonderful people I met at SIBA,
Thank you so much for letting me into your lives just for a little bit. This has been one of the best summers of my life. I miss you all so much and I don’t know what I’ll do without you guys. I really hope to see all of you again. I feel like I’ve been torn away from my family. I love you! See you soon! —
Yasmin (USA)

My dear SIBA friends!!!
I left you only two days ago, but it feels like weeks. I can’t stop repeating all the fun memories in my head, because it’s one of the best summers in my life and that’s thanks for you guys. I want to thank my super hilarious, beautiful, funny, dirty and extremely cool roommates Pinja and Natasha. When I’m thinking about you all, it makes tears come to my eyes…
I wish you all the very best I could possibly wish. I’ll love and remember you…
Alice (EE)

Going to the Siba program with Nili last summer was amazing! I had so much fun meeting new people from around the world and learning so incredibly much from the amazing talented teachers. I can’t wait to go again next summer and learn more, make more friends and having fun! Thanks Nili it’s awesome
Shaelyn (US)

I really hope I can come and work again with you!! You and all the Teachers I met in Salzburg are in my heart and I alweys think about you and all what you thought to me…
I send to you much much Love Miss Nili!
And a very big hug!
Your Noemi (Italy)

If you’re wondering whether or not you should attend SIBA then the answer is YES! This was such a great experience for all ages, professional and pre-professional levels. When else are you going to have a chance to dance all day in the wonderful city of Salzburg and work on exciting and challenging repertoire!
Angelina (US)

I want to thank Nili and the whole faculty of EDAS Siba workshops on behalf of my daughter Gulce Su.
Gulce Su is from Istanbul, studying ballet in Istanbul State Conservatory. She has attended to SIBA workshops twice 2011 and 2013 at the age of 12 and 14. The workshops added a lot to her ballet and with Nili’s care she did not miss us a day! She did not need to. She She had a family in Salzburg. Whole SIBA team is like a big family. She returned back very happily each time with lots of memories and friends from all over the world, wishing to go back again next year. I recommend SIBA workshops to parents without any doubt.
Gulcin Gumus (Turkey)

Hello Dear Nili: Just a short note to say hello. I received the SIBA newsletter email a week or 2 ago and saw with happiness that you are celebrating the 10th anniversary. What a wonderful program you have all created. We are forever grateful to you and your team for allowing Erika to be a part of your “SIBA Family” She has great fondness and warm memories of her 2 summers at SIBA.
She is still in Europe and is thankful to have consistent work…both dancing with companies and her own projects/creations …finding her way and creating a name for herself little by little…working hard as is her custom…we all recognize the importance SIBA played in her development as an artist…Thank you anew for your kindnesses and encouragement.
All the best for a successful program this season and congratulations on 10 wonderful years!!
(Beth US)

hi Nili just saw some updates from you for this year’s workshop looks so nice and brings back great memories from Salzburg summers, Ii wish this years group lots of success , the last two summers I have been super full dancing in Switzerland currently freelancing in contemporary and physical theater, and setting up my own collectives with some friends all is really exiting , and am always reminded of working in the summers with dancers from all over this is a super preparation for any dancer in the world to go on to almost anything I think , I think of this often when teaching to kids from other backgrounds as me , thank you for creating the opportunity hopefully one of these years I can manage to came back somehow .would be great to see you again and Salzburg too all the best for this years preparations and a big hug to you . Kindly Erika

Thank you so much for a wonderful summer! I’m really looking to watch the DVD of the performance. I’m writing you from a train to home after my first week at St. Polten ballet conservatory. So far I really liked it and I’m very grateful that you offered me a scholarship for SIBA summer workshops this year where I got a chance to work with different teachers and got a lot of corrections which helped me to improve.
Izabela (Slovenia)

…thank you Miss Nili, I have enjoyed so much to be at SIBA with you this year, was one of the biggest gift I ever had…was a very magic time for me at SIBA, this month made on me a lot of changes and this changes now are changing my life too.
I really thank you and all of the teachers and the pianists, everyone of you gave me a piece of your hearts that I will always keep in mine.
Noemi (Italy)

Thanks for sending the link to all the pictures. Of course Juliana will be at SIBA in 2014. She, again had such a great time dancing and meeting new and old friends. She is always full of stories when she comes home, even though she does not want to come home but keep on dancing and living with her group of friends. I guess she is growing up and some time soon she will leave the nest, but till then I enjoy her company. Again, thank you Nili for taking such good care of her.
Claudia (US)

…”I don’t know how to thank you and the wonderful staff of SIBA for having given Noemi Castellaro this wonderful experience, she is literally over the top. Noemi is a very special girl and holds a special place in my heart for the dedication, love and respect she brings to the Art of Dance, one in a million. She has grown a greatdeal as a person and artist and this experience has been a real moment of growth in her everyday life.
The Vancliffen organization, (Canada)

..”Katarina had a terrific time at SIBA, thanks to you. We are very grateful that you gave her this wonderful opportunity.”
Renate, (US)

Hi Nili! I just read the email with the SIBA Newsletter about 2013 and it made me remember this past summer and how much fun I had! I just wanted to let you know that, looking back, I REALLY enjoyed it and I will never forget all the fun times I had and all the good friends I made. It was a very valuable experience, and it was also very nice to expand my dancing experience beyond classical by getting a taste of contemporary. I would definitely come back if I could I feel like I would get so much more out of coming a second time now that I know what to expect and how to make the most of my training there.
Noa (US)

Dearest Nili,
Just to let you know girls got home safe and sound and I thank you soooooooooo much for everything! Although girls happy to see us they said can we go back to Siba now LOL!!
I have never known the girls come away from a summer school so positive, saying they feel they have improved so much and learnt a great deal, also their confidence has also grown, so that is a big THANK YOU to you and your teachers you are all wonderful all the girls words 🙂
Jayne (mother of Paige & Kayleigh (UK)

Hi Nili,
I just wanted to thank you again for taking such great care of Juliana. When I picked her up at the airport last night she was just beaming with excitement. This year SIBA was a 100% success for her. She had a super time in class and also made a lot of friends, not to forget the baseball guys. I am so happy for her. She wants to come back next summer and be part of the program again. You know that I really like that idea because you guys are just super. She is also talking about auditioning for some full time ballet programs in Europe and maybe you can hep me setting those up ahead of time.
Again thanks and I will see you next year. ’till then have a good rest of the year.
Claudia, Juliana’s mother(US)

Dear Nili, Thank you so much for the amazing workshop and time I spent here. I met so many new nice friends, and learned so much. I would love to come again next year if that’s possible. Thank you, Ladislaya (UK)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing month! I had so much fun this year!! Thank you for all the great things you taught me,the great and funny times and memories from you,for all the opportunities that you gave for me to show what I can do.But the biggest thank is for you for believing in me,thank you for loving and appreciate me just the way I am! it means so much for me.Everytime when I comming to SIBA I feel like Im on my second home,and this year Siba was the beat summer intensive I’ve ever had ! I think i will come back next year because I really want to! so I just wanted to say thank you for eveything,and that I already miss you and everyone there (: and also thank you for the information about the company in Nuremberg,that means alot for me
Have a great week!! Kisses,Shone. (IL)

Hallo lieber Peter, Sascha und Christina,
ich wollte mich noch einmal recht herzlich bei Euch für den tollen Workshop bedanken. Es hat mir viel Freude bereitet mit Euch zu arbeiten und ich habe für mich sehr viel gelernt. Macht weiter so und vielleicht sieht man sich ja mal wieder in Salzburg. Ich wünsche Euch für die neue Spielzeit viel Kraft, Ausdauer und Erfolg.
Herzlichst, Hendryk Voss (DE)

Hi, Peter!
SIBA WORKSHOP was a wonderful experience!
Each teaching was very worthy for my dance development skills.
Thank you very much indeed for everything!!!
Bella (BR)

I miss everyone … This year was an amazing group of dancers that really each and every one I connected, I think you’re all amazing people and good dancers can show the world who you are and where you come from: * Good luck to everyone
Stav (IL)

Hello Nili:
Just saw the newsletter for this year’s SIBA workshop…We wish you wonderful success. We know you will inspire and bless your students…we are forever thankful that Erika was able to attend SIBA (2009-2010)…you all were instrumental in helping her make the transition from student to professional. I know she thinks of the SIBA family as just that…her “european family”…So thank you for making such a huge difference in her life and inspiring both confidence and creativity.
All the best and many blessings, Beth Pirl

I m happy that my daughter come your great school.
l m saying to everybody that work there THANK YOU.

Hi Nili:
I hope you are recovered from your busy summer! Erika had a wonderful time and told us what a great experience it was, how kind all of you were to her, what great teaching she received and what wonderful friendships she formed…Thank you so much!
Thank you again for making it possible for Erika to attend SIBA…I am sure we will be in touch in the years to come.
All the best, Beth Pirl (USA)

Thank you so much for everything! you are an amazing lady and I don’t see how you are able to do everything that you do! it is really a talent to handle so many kids !!! I am glad that I came to SIBA this year and hopefully I will come again in the near future….  Thank You ! Shannon (SIBA 2009)

Thank you for the workshop! I learned a lot and really enjoyed my time here! best wishes, Laura from Finland

Good morning Nili, I wanted to tell you that I was taken the auditon for the school of Rudra Béjart this weekend and I am taken for the coming two years. I wanted to say it to you because for me SIBA was very important in my life and made a lot to me worked during a me entirety. I embrace you very extremely , I miss you !
Marylou Van Godtsenhoven

hello nili darling!! unfortunatly i cannot make siba this year but i recommend it to every dancer it is a MUST DO, it is truelly an amazing experiance, it is tough work but you will learn so much and it is amazing how much everybody dancing improves and how much you learn!! do it do it dooooooooooo it! miss you nili, hope you are well and not working too hard 😉 xxx Sarah McGinley, Ireland

…According to Maria the 2008 SIBA workshop was the best of all 3 SIBA workshops she has attended from any aspect and she feels that the teachers were excellent and helped her to improve her performance and feel more confident in dancing…. Elena Koupari
Thank you so much to everyone who attended the SIBA workshop 2008. I had the time of my life. It was an unforgettable experience and I’ve learnt so much.
Hugs and kisses from Australia

From “BalletTalk Forum”
DancingDuck has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled “SIBA Dance in Austria”. The program was four weeks. Not all dancers were there all of that time. Some came at the beginning and left early, some came the 2nd or 3rd week. I don’t think there was ever 50 students in a technique class, maybe pointe class or Bolero rehearsals. The studios where we had classes were huge! We had plenty of room, and we got individual attention. The teachers did a great job with getting to know us and I believe we all got individual corrections.
It was kind of a mixed bill performance. There were pieces from Sleeping Beauty, Terantella, Sugar Plum variation, La Sylphide and some modern pieces and some students did a variation that they brought with them. The shows all ended with Bolero, which is an awesome piece! The show was double cast (for 4 performances) so there was plenty of opportunity to perform. The days were filled with technique, pointe, mens class, modern, etc. The evenings were mainly used for rehearsal, until the last week (dress rehearsals, traveling to the venue, etc.). I was in 3 pieces one cast and 1 the other cast. I enjoyed the down time every other day! There is plenty to do in the evenings. The mall is close by for dinner, we could take the bus (in groups of 3 or more) to town or we could watch the rehearsals!! (Big studios… plenty of room which was wonderful, it seemed like there was always someone watching, parents, friends, other teachers as well as students). It was a truly wonderful experience!!!

Hay Nili!!! miss ya, and the whole siba gang tanks once again for setting up such an amazing workshop, but Neil says it best! he stole everything i had to say ha miss u guys
luv Sarah (Ireland)

This is a good program. In fact it was my favorite program ever! The dancing was really challenging and the schedule was grueling which i think helped improve my dancing. Attending this summer program also opened up the world of dance in Europe for me. The teachers were incredible too. some of my favorites were Celia, Cynthia, Yehuda, Alex, David and Cristina Uta and others. It was so fun to meet dancers from other countries too because even though i just met them and sometimes couldn’t understand what they were saying we all ended up kind of like family because we all shared the love of dance. thanks for a great program Nili!
Rosalia (USA)

Hello Ms. Nili and Peter, I hope you are doing great. I had a great summer at SIBA and my Mom did also. We hope to see you when you come to California, Nili. Thank you for everything. I am sharing my wonderful experience with my family, friends and dance teachers. I will always remember this wonderful experience and hope to return next summer. I have really improved in my dance technique since I participated in the summer intensive program. I enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful and talented students and the amazing teachers. Again, thank you very much for making this summer a special and memorable one. Sincerely, Ariel (USA)
Hi Nili!!!! I had such a wonderful time this summer!!!! It was such a fabulous experience!!! Thank you so much putting together such a great program!!!
Merritt (USA)

i haven’t got much time as i’m using my college’s computers and they’re supposed to be used for ‘educational purposes’ but just wanted to say… ‘I LOVE YOU NILI!!!!’
thanks once again for a wonderful year, i’ve been to austria twice now and i’m already saving up for a third year.
the whole atmosphere in SIBA was amazing and everyone was extremely friendly and i’ve left with many amazing memories… fingers crossed plenty of old faces are there again next year
to ariel, jamie, heather, lily from California!, Ferritt!!! (i got your postcard just trying to find the time to write back), mayloch, aya, yaeli my darling!, tsori, my 2 irish roses from the turd floor, ma petite souris gwen, and any of my other hunies i missed out in my rush to type this i love you all so much and hope i get to see you again
eric, tuomas, lucas (the coolest roommate in the world) and simeon (the other coolest roommate in the world, and the best dancer in all of shamrock!! its all in the hips 😉 i wish you all the best!
for all the staff in particular nili (we love you!!!), for taking such good care of us all and making the workshop so fantastic
to the physio who put in the time and effort to come in every saturday and twice during the performances… you were amazing and my shin splints are completely cured… the fact that i’m still dancing is owed to you!
to simon a fellow northern git and the best pianist in europe if not the world. you kept me entertained for all those times i found myself to injured to work (and i think i somehow learnt a little musicality by sitting with you… its improved noticeably since getting back to manchester, i can even tap dance in time with the music now!!!) please come back again, it won’t be the same without you and i owe you an expensive chinese or a tin of pineapples!!!
i may have missed people off here because i’m in such a rush but i love you all the same and wish you all the best in life because you all deserve it and can’t wait to see people again next year!!!
all my love, Neil 😀 (UK)

I would recommend this program to any serious young dancer. The experience of working with various professionals and taking part in the gala performances made it very exciting with a lot of hard work. The whole program from accommodation, lessons, meeting special guest Cynthia Gregory were just amazing. Special BIG thanks to Nili for taking such good care of me as it was my first time traveling away from home and staying by myself for the workshop – thanks to Christina for all her help too – I honestly wish I could have stayed another month. I am hoping to come back next year, so see you soon. Best wishes, MARIELLA (Cyprus)

I really just want to tell you how much i enjoyed the summer workshop. I learned so much and a great time in the process. Your dedication and love made the program so warm and comfortable. i am so happy that i was finally able to convince my parents to send me. it would have been a terrible loss. i love and miss everyone so much! thanks again, and if you are in California anytime to visit your son please let me know. i would love to have you for dinner. my family is dying to meet you and i miss you so much. love,
Lily (usa)

thank you very much for an unforgettable summer, full of hard work, learning and a lot of fun! it has been a great experience for me, to see and to really taste what it is like to be a professional dancer, how hard it is and how much effort one need to invest in order to become a dancer.
I love you and miss you very much!
I still don’t know anything!
thank you again!
May Tepper. (Israel)

to my lovely Nili:)
i just got the SIBA certificate and this was such a nice surprise:) as well as the photos of the workshop! I want to thank you so much for your work! as always perfect management!! i also miss the performance in the end it would have been nice to stay! But next summer! 🙂 All the best Kiss Katharina (Germany)

Hello!! I miss SIBA. I wanted to thank you for hosting a wonderful program this year. I had such a great time, and really hope that I can return next summer. The program was was such a broadening and amazing experience, and of course much of it depending on your leadership. I hope that everything is going well in Austria, and let me know when you are in the Southern California area! I would love to join up for lunch. Have a great rest of the summer season, and I will talk to you later.
Ann (California)

(…from BalletTalk) Hello I am DebLei’s daughter! Sorry for the late response, it’s difficult getting on with the beginning of a new year. I am here to answer your question about the teaching quality and whether or not I thought it was revolutionary… I thought it was all that they said! The teachers were amazing, they cared and encouraged throughout the program. There were amazing dancers there, but not all of the dancers were great. They still continued to encourage them to go when they showed interest in a desire for improvement. All of the teachers were very high energy teachers and pushed you! It was an amazing experience for me!!! I want to go back very badly, it was truly the greatest. There were many Americans but it was mostly a European crowd. Great variety, also made it just as wonderful as could be! 🙂 If you have anymore questions feel free to ask! Thanks,
Heather Calhoun (USA)

Good morning Nili, we arrived safely in Cyprus. I would really like to thank you for your hospitality and Athina had a great time and she really loved the lessons and the teachers!! She learned a lot from your workshop, please inform us if you are going to have one next year and where. I didn’t get the chance to thank you in person with all the action of the last days so i am taking the opportunity now. I also like to thank Christina for helping us and staying up so late with the suitcases give her my love.
Thank you again Regards and love
Michelle (Cyprus)

hey Nili! hope your beginning to relax after the mad 4 weeks and more that you’ve had! I’m just emailing to say sorry i never got to SIBA on the Monday! things were bit mad with everyone over! and the most important thing I wanted to say was a huge thank you to you and everyone at SIBA for the fantastic summer intensive you gave us ! I loved every minute of it and will highly recommend it to everyone! I really though it was great, nothing could have been done better! well done and thank you sooooooooo much!
keep in touch
Rebecca Flynn (your Irish girly)

Hi Nili
Hope you are well and have recovered from your extremely busy four weeks. It was so lovely to meet you and we would have liked the chance to talk to you more. But never mind, we could see you were busy and we also wanted to spend time exploring Austria and it’s beautiful scenery. Just a pity about the weather!
I don’t know whether Neil has already e mailed you, but I forgot to order a copy of the Gala Performance DVD before we came home. I wonder whether you would mind doing this on our behalf and letting me know the cost to send on to you. The performance was amazing – I’ve never seen such professionalism in a group of such young people. We particularly enjoyed Tarantella and Bolero, they all worked so well together. I’m relieved that everyone has noticed an improvement in Neil’s dancing – it seems that full time training is doing him some good. Hope to hear from you soon Nili,
Love Heather and David (UK)

Sehr geehrter Herr Breuer,
in der angeh?ngten Datei finden Sie meine Besprechung Ihrer tollen Vorstellung in Unterhaching in der Beilage der S?ddeutschen Zeitung f?r den gesamten Landkreis M?nchen. Schon als Sch?lerin und Studentin habe ich Sie in den 70er Jahren neben Heinz Bosl und Constanze Vernon im M?nchner Nationaltheater bewundert. Da hat es mich ganz besonders gefreut, Sie nach all den Jahren einmal in natura wieder zu sehen. Ich w?nsche Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg!
Freundliche Gr??e
Dr. R G (Munich, Germany)

Aug. 09, 2014, Gala in Kubiz, Munich Germany Sketches of a magnificent and delightful evening….06.09.2011 – by Margarida Pinto do Amaral Surely the galloping pulse of Don Quixote on Thursday evening (4th of August 2011) was helped along by all the spectator hearts beating in time with the music. For it was an audience of captives that watched this satisfying excerpts by the young participants of the SIBA Summer Workshop in Salzburg, an audience helplessly in thrall to that timeworn Ludwig Minkus score revitalized by dancing that made you fall in love with ballet all over again…

students say about Salzburg International Ballet Workshops