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Video clips 2010

SIBA Salzburg Video clips 2010

SIBA Salzburg International Ballet Workshop Video clips A collection of short video clips from SIBA workshop 2010, featuring our Gala Shows, teachers, students, tours and fun class.
We hope you will enjoy the collection.

Video photographer Helga Haslauer. Teachers: Peter Breuer, Fernando Coelho, Dawn Weller, David Dvir, Junior Demitre, Jania Batista, Maggie Boogaart, Gabor Fuzy. Accompanists: Rodika Foigelman and Mark Guberman.

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We photograph each year our gala shows in video DVD and photos, The DVD of the gala show will be available and ready to be sent in September each year. You can order the DVD in SIBA office during the workshop, or send us an e-mail.

The video clips are published in our channel in EDAS-SIBA YouTube and feature chosen clips from the Gala shows, the training, classes and teachers, students solo clips , SIBA full day tour and our famous FUN day, the last day of the workshop.