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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

 Please read this important FAQ information: You will find here answers to many of the questions about SIBA, Salzburg, Flights, Rooms, Studios and more….

When should I arrive / depart ?
We would like you to arrive at least 1 day before starting. Rooms will be available 2 days before starting the workshop, at no extra charge. After the end of the workshop you may stay 2 days after. If you are coming from far away and need to arrive at an earlier date please contact Nili.
Please notify us your arrival departure with full flights details.

Which airport do I fly to?

Salzburg Airport: The closest to the workshop is of course the small Salzburg Airport, not international, but you can get connection from any city in Europe, Usually the airlines will charge a small extra fee for this connection but it will be a big save in the long rum and they will transfer your luggage through.

Munich, Germany (Franz-Josef-Straus Airport) is an international airport, and most likely cheaper for the long distance students. The best way to get to Salzburg is by SMS door to door service. The easier you can book your pickup online (SMS MINI BUS SERVICE  . There is also a direct bus from Munich Airport to Salzburg airport, where you can catch a taxi to the workshop (ca. 10 Euro)

Do I need any kind of insurance?
According to Austrian students law, you MUST have a valid health insurance!
When you buy your airline ticket, we suggest that you will pay extra for insurance when you book your tickets, in case of lost luggage or any occurrence during the flight.. It is just a few dollars more. A good travel insurance will also cover you if you for some reason, need to leave the workshop and want a refund.
All our students are required to have a medical insurance and it must specify “valid for Europe”.
EU citizens MUST bring their medical insurance card with them, if you do not bring your card you will have to pay approx. 200 Eu. per visit to an emergency hospital, and then get it back from your insurance at home.

What if I come only for a short period?
If you come for just a part of the workshop, (2 or 3 first weeks) and will not stay for the Gala Shows, we have a special training program for you for the afternoon hours when there are rehearsals.

Where are the dormitories?
The dormitory, studios, and all facilities are under one roof, at “Herz Jesus Gymnasium”. You will find the address and pictures of the rooms on our accommodations page

What if I don’t want to stay in a dormitory?
Students who wish to stay in a hotel – please check www.hotel-ami.com for accommodations. Students who stay outside of the dormitories are recommended to take our meals plan for lunch and dinner. Please contact Nili for help.

Do you have a meal-plan?
This year we offer a mandatory meal plan which includes breakfast lunch and dinner. We have a big kitchen a dedicated chef and staff, and a big dining room.
Full meals plan – Breakfast, lunch and dinner – is specified in the PRICES page.
The meal plan is mandatory; there are NO cooking facilities at the dormitories, but we do have refrigerators on each floor where you can store light snacks and drinks.
*Students with special food needs must contact Nili on arrival.

Herz Jesu Chef and staff received specific instructions what to prepare for dancers, low fat food, nutritious and tasty.

Breakfast open buffet: Standard European breakfast.
Light lunch consists of hot cooked meal,and Yogurts, fruits, bakery goodies and salad buffet.
Dinner menu will change daily: fish, meat, chicken, and vegetarian as main dish, various side dishes, salad and desert.

* There is NO lunch or dinner on Saturday (free day) and no dinner on Friday evening. Breakfast is served every day incl. weekends. The students are free to eat in town or in Euro park. There are several restaurants in Euro-Park for Lunch and Dinners, 5 minutes walk from the school.

* We can take care of any dietary problems like Gluten or Lactose intolerance, vegetarians, etc. Please advice the office on arrival if you have any food allergies.

How do I travel in the city?
Salzburg has a very good transport system, and most places are just walking distance. Bus Nr. 1 goes all over Salzburg, and there is a train station 3 min. from the school. If you arrive to Salzburg by train you can get off 2 stops before Salzburg Main Station (TAXHAM) and you are at the school.

Where do I do my laundry?
Heavier laundry will be collected once a week (jeans, jackets, sports etc…) lighter laundry (underwear, ballet stuff etc.) should be done by hand, hanging racks available all over. You will have to buy your own detergent. Bedding and towels will be washed for you at the school laundry service once a week.

Do I need to bring linen or towels?
No, do not bring any linen nor blankets. You will be provided with sufficient towels and bedding. and we also wash them for you. when you need a change of towels or bedding please come to the office.

How many students are in a room?
We have rooms for 3 or 4 students. each 2 rooms share a WC and shower. There are also additional facilities in all the corridors. The rooms /roommates will be assigned in advance, if you have any special request for old friends roommates, please advise Nili.
Sorry, we no longer have any guest rooms for parents or chaperones.

What about security and dormitory rules?
the school outside doors will be locked at midnight. All dormitory rooms have keys. There will be a few adults on duty every night, and most of the teachers live at the school for the duration of the workshop.
Salzburg is a safe and quiet city (we are not in the busy tourist area).

SIBA will not be responsible for any valuables left in the rooms.(you will get a key to your room) Passports and extra money can be locked in the office safe. Please contact the administrator or arrival to place those items in the safe.

There is absolutely no smoking and no alcohol in the buildings. We ask you to respect the property as you do with your own.

Will there be other expenses that I have to pay?
Some of our teachers give private classes after workshop hours or on Saturday. If you are interested in taking private classes, you pay for them in the office by cash. (the cost average 50 Eu. per 90 min. private class). We have also private massage and kineseo-taping service by a professional certified Hanna Bronstrom, on the premises. price varies according to which service you require.
Our Lakes and Alps tour cost 40 Eu. (Optional but highly recommended) –  a full day private bus tour, not include meals on the way.

Salzburg is lovely in the summer and has wonderful restaurants, cafes, movie theaters. You will have to pay this yourself.  From previous experience, bring about 50-70 euro a week for spending pocket money. We also recommend that you bring a credit card or extra cash for emergencies. it can be locked in the office safe.

Is there a dress code for the workshop?
We respect the traditional ballet dress code, try to look like a professional, mature ballet dancer. There is no specific dress code at SIBA, but the teachers must be able to see your body moving 😉

What time shall I arrive to class?
The studio will be open 1 hour before classes begin. The detailed schedule will be posted every week in advance. It will specify what variation you learn, what rehearsal you take and the teachers of that week. There will be a different schedule each week. Some evenings will be blocked for dress rehearsals and light, and some evenings will be dedicated to lectures and showing movies about dance. The evening events are mandatory.
YOU MUST BE AT THE STUDIO AT LEAST  30 MIN. BEFORE YOUR TEACHER ARRIVES, Late students will not be allowed in that class and will have to wait for the next one. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, LEAVE THE STUDIOs BEFORE THE END OF CLASS. (Unless its an emergency, and then do it discreet not to disturb class)

What If I need private coaching?
some of our teachers will give private coaching, at 50 euro per session,
This will be discussed case by case with your teacher. If you need it and we have an available studio, we will try to give some coaching,

What if my parents want to get in touch with me?
Nili Glazer , the workshop director will take messages in case of an emergency or very important issues at the following number: (+43) 676 939 7711

When can we do our shopping, banking etc…?
From previous experience we have decided to give the students one free day on Saturdays, to do their shopping, and anything else they wish to do on their free day. there will be also sightseeing excursions on those days which you can join. Sunday will be a regular working day, mostly for rehearsals. There are supermarkets all over the city. There are also quiet a few restaurants in Euro Park, 5 min. walk from the school. Otherwise you can always go to Europark after classes, in your free time.

Is there Internet connection in the rooms?
Yes there is FREE internet in all the rooms at our new dormitories. Please bring a connection wire and electrical convertors if you come from outside Europe or the UK.

Do you have an installment payment plan?
Yes we do have an installment plan. please contact Nili, for details. Please note that if you want to use the installment payments, you have to start latest on January, and there is a charge of 3.5%. Credit Card payments using PayPal online will be charged an additional 3.5%.

Is it safe to roam around Salzburg ?
Yes. Salzburg is a very safe city, there are a lot of tourists here in the summer. We suggest, especially for young girls, not to linger around the railway station and late at night avoid the bars on Rudolfskai, there may be tourists who had too much to drink. Otherwise the old city is beautiful for a walk at all times. For more information about Salzburg, log to http://www.salzburg.info/en/

What should I bring with me to the workshop?

PACKING & CLOTHING: Try to pack light ! no need to bring Hair Shampoo / conditioner / washing powder! all products are available in Salzburg for a low price, the access baggage will cost you 3 times more !!!! we recommend for each room to buy one washing powder pack together….

For classes and performances,
please bring enough leotards, (at least 2 black ones) leg warmers, jazz black pants, jazz shoes
GIRLS: bring at least 2 pairs of point shoes, the ballet shop in town closes for the summer,
BOYS: bring 2 pairs of soft ballet shoes, one skin color and one black. (if you don’t have skin color bring white and we will ‘makeup’ it/ Some of the costumes for the group choreography will be supplied by us.

Boys, please bring at least one pair of long black pants (Jazz pants). and one pair of black knee high tights, (for the Bolero) and 2 pairs of dance shoes –  one black and one skin color.

For SOLO dancers: The Audition for the solo dancers will be already in the first week. Please bring your own costume and high quality MP3 music on a CD. NOT a USB stick or music pad. it must be on CD !!! (Solo performances are subject to audition with Peter Breuer and the faculty)

For daily wear, Salzburg is on the mountains, with changing weather daily, bring clothes that can be worn in layers, one jacket, umbrella (yes, it rains in the summer…) and some warmer clothes. Bring a pair of house shoes or slippers! Bare foot is NOT allowed !!!

IMPORTANT: If you are on any prescribed medication, please notify the office, and bring enough supply with you as you might not be able to buy medicine in Salzburg with a doctor’s prescription from another country. Don’t forget all necessary medication, Bring your usual headache pills, muscle relaxes etc, ) as well as medical insurance confirmation.

For any other information please do not hesitate to contact us nili@siba-academy.com