Summer Intensive Ballet Workshop Salzburg, Austria – July 12 – August 08 2021

SIBA – 4 weeks – 4 Gala shows – An exciting program in Salzburg, Cultural center of Europe

Ask yourself, “Am I cut out for this?”

SIBA GOAL is to offer you a unique opportunity for one month to experience what itrehearsal for SIBA gala shows means to be a professional dancer. here you can find out for yourself if you were , born to dance.

SIBA training focuses on the four gala shows at the end of the workshop in which each student participates. 3 Gala shows  in the school’s big hall, and one in Kubiz Theater in Munich. It means that variations are rehearsed from the first week that are a part of the show.-.


You will start the day with a healthy breakfast (7:00 to 8:00 am). in the dining room. Our chef caterer Mr. Franz Schneider and his stuff! ready to make your meals a celebration time…. we also cater for all dietary needs. such as Vegetarians, Vegans, Lactose free etc., just notify us when you arrive, and fill in the ‘remarks’ of the registration form.

SIBA dining room buffetFor dancers who come for 2 or 3 weeks and do not participate in the gala shows we have prepared a special program in parallel with the rehearsals of the gala !!!! (voluntary)

The class will start at 9:00 am, plenty of time for stretching before starting the workout in the studios. Lunch will be served from 13.00-14.00. Training continues from 14.00-16.00 with modern dance, musical jazz, and modern choreography and more. From 16.00-18.00 we finish the day with rehearsals. Dinner is served from 18.00-19.00 and then your free time begins. The studios are open until 22.00. You can use the rooms for yourself, or get on the bus to explore the city, or just walk 5 minutes to the big shopping center “Europark”. There is a lot to see in the area, ideal for visiting relatives.


SIBA ballet class with Alex KorobkoFriday evening and Saturday are your days off. Sunday is another normal work day. On the second weekend there is a ballet bazaar. There you can shop “till you drop”, everything at half price on all ballet accessories. On the 3rd Saturday we organize a tour to the lakes and mountains (optional).

** Please note that there is no dinner on Friday, and no lunch or dinner on Saturday at the school, (We know from our experience that very few students stay at school on their own time).
There are a variety of restaurants of all kinds in the “Europark”. Sunday is a normal dance day including all meals.

On the second Saturday we arrange a full day tour in a private bus to the lakes and mountains of the area. (optional)

Traditionally at the end of the SIBA workshop there is a “fun class”, everyone is dressed in funny improvised costumes including the teachers … At the end the students receive a certificate signed by all the teachers.



YSIBA ballet workshop certificateou are welcome to bring your own SOLO piece (3-4 min) to be included in the performance. (Subject to consultation with the artistic director). If you would like to audition for a solo (audition), please bring your costume and a HIGH quality CD of your music Please bring a finished short choreography with music and your costume. – Please note – The music has to be on a disk, in good quality!! also check that your music is not protected!!! if its a protected music YouTube will not show it!  You can also choose one of the planned choreography from the gala program (see page “Gala Shows“). We will help you with your perfect choreography.

The last day of the workshop we have a FUN Class, the students put costumes and funny makeups on and run a class themselves. At the end of the class we give all the students their Certificate of Achievement. (see image).